Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The beauty in the normal

Here I am. The girls are napping, the house is a mess (we just got home yesterday from Phoenix...so I'll let your imagination run with that) . I have laundry going, dishes that need unloaded, dishes in the sink, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming that needs done, as well as bathrooms that need cleaned. Curriculum at church that needs prepped, meal planning that needs done, and grocery shopping, and trying to settle back into our normal and plan out how I will get done what I need to get done.

This is pretty much my day to day list or at least my weekly list of things I have to do. Then there are the secondary want to/have to dos. Like blogging, journaling, and reading, as well as support raising (ministry team development). These things are just as important but tend to take a backseat to the former as well as keeping the girls alive, happy, feeling well loved, and spending quality time with them.( I always try to make this a primary goal, really above almost all else. )

I am here, I am in our normal, day to day, the somewhat mundane. I am here carrying on with house showings, church responsibilities, caring for the girls, the house, doing the chores, the shopping, the normal. Chris is currently in Cambodia on a project trip, making a difference and connecting with contacts for our move there. It feels weird being disconnected from a lot of this process, even a lot of the support raising and meeting with people. Mostly because we have the two adorable little girlies. I often find myself saying I am doing this, so he can do that... that is just my role right now. It won't always be, but for this season that is my role, and that is ok. In fact I am enjoying it. Maintaining the day to day. The daily functioning of our family. I will tell you what it is easier when Chris is here. It is easier when he can love on the girls and help with bed time and bath. We miss him.

The comfort is it's all for Jesus, my to do list, Chris's to do list, our being together, our being apart, raising our girls, and being connected to others. It is all for Jesus. It is a legacy of serving and loving Jesus that we are working to leave. For Chris it is our ministry within eMi, and for me it is even simpler, raising our girls, caring for our family, and being faithful in our day to day. I do laundry to honor Jesus, I clean my home to serve Him, I do my best to love our girls the way God does to bring glory to Him, and so they can see how much they are loved and valued.

Serve, honor, and glorify Jesus right now in your day to day. Whatever that might be. :)