Monday, February 10, 2020

We did it!

Yesterday marked a milestone for me and the girls. We road the moto (scooter) outside of our neighborhood for the first time since the end of October. It was great too!

Amirah said something so sweet after getting home, (she was very nervous about doing this) she told me that she kind of liked it because she felt like herself. I also noticed everywhere we went she walked a little taller and she was as anxious.

I have thought about that a lot in the last 12 hours. Fears make us be less ourselves. Fears hold us back from who we fully are. There is something about facing fears that changes us, facing an anxiety and it can give us power over other anxieties. Feeling more like ourselves is a wonderful side affect of following Jesus, and obeying the Holy Spirit. I am convinced that yesterday was the right timing to take this big step, and do it, it was the right day for the girls and for me. Especially after Amirah saying she felt more like herself now. Following the Holy Spirit for the right timing, the right words, the right whatever it might be I am learning is a big key in how we raise our kids.

If you have a fear you need to face, do it! If you have a new parenting obstacle pray about it, ask the Holy Spirit to intervene, and to give you wisdom. If you aren't feeling like yourself, ask the Holy Spirit to show you why. God wants you to be fully you, to be all of who He made you to be. Find out what you need to walk in that.

(All this is said with full understanding that there are lots of tools to use for working through these things, and God also gives great wisdom on which tools are best for each person in each situation.)