Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Wonder of Parenting


Do any of us truly know what we are doing?

We might not but at least our kids seem to have life figured out... in their opinion.

Our kids are only 3 and almost 1, and they are adorable. I love being their mommy, even on days like today when I just feel a little not here. My mind is on other things, and I suddenly realize it and I feel guilty. I don't want to miss it! To miss this! To miss little Layla at 11 months old, trying desperately to figure out how to move more efficiently, because maybe using everyone else isn't the most efficient way to get around. To miss little Amirah now at 3, and pretty sure she is the boss, or at least should be an active voice in most things... saying things like, "Careful Mommy, careful with Daddy's car..." Haha! But even more so I don't want to miss things like the way Amirah looks at the little flowers popping up for spring, or the snow falling even though it is sunny out. How Layla loves and is fascinated by the wind in her face, and turns a rock or a pine cone over and over in her hands. The joy that lunch outside brings to both of them!

I don't want to miss it because as so many mommies and daddies say, "the days are long but the years are short." I have realized in the last year that I don't want to miss it also because there is so much to be seen and learned about our Creator looking through the eyes of my little children. My girls point me towards my creator all the time. Especially Amirah! Every time she says, "Jesus, loves you, me." Or today when she picked up her bible to read it, and "read", "Jesus loves me, God loves me. God made me. Jesus loves you, me." My heart melts because she gets it. Jesus loves her, He loves me, and He loves everyone. The way they wonder at the littlest thing outside, reminds me of how big the world felt as a kid, and just simply how big our God is. He does love us, he does take care of us, and He is able to do so much more than we can imagine.

Then finally, when I am tucking my girls in at nap or at bedtime... "I need a hug, Momma." Or Layla's sweet baby gut giggles... My heart burst with love for them. (until the 5th hug is asked for... then there is more frustration...but then God gently reminds me of the times I just needed one more hug from Him, and He freely gives it)

I am always reminded by God of the way He parents us His children. Always out of love, not fear, always working to change and mold our hearts, our attitudes, and always patient and kind.

I never knew that parenting would teach me, show me, and encourage me so much with how we are loved and parented by our Heavenly Father.

What a good, good Father we serve. :) As you parent, or even just enjoy other people's kiddos, or serve children. Be reminded, be encouraged of your good Father in heaven, and let Him show you the joy, and the immense love He has for you. Allow your kids to slow you down to see what they see, and allow God to speak to you through it.