Our Family

Our family began on December 15, 2007. Chris and I were 19 years old, and in college. After dating for 2 years and being engaged for 1 year we got married. We have always had a heart for missions, and have desired to live a missional life, that reflects Jesus, and draws people to Him. Chris is a civil engineer. I was a public school teacher for 6 years, and taught both kindergarten and 4th grade. In March of 2013 Amirah Elise was born, and on my birthday in April 2015 Layla Faith was born. I am now staying home with our girls. We are currently preparing to move to Cambodia with Engineering Ministries International as missionaries.

Layla is a little snuggle bug of joy. She was born into a room full of joy, and it has been a hallmark of who she is already. As long as she has what she thinks she needs the way that she wants it, she is the happiest, giggliest little baby you have ever met. Her nickname she has picked up is Layla Lou... just because it is fun to say. Her name Layla Faith comes from the idea that God kept speaking to me while I was pregnant with her that she is strong! Faith comes from what we have been learning in this season. To have faith, to trust God, and grow in our faith. I am always praying that Layla will grow to be a woman of God full of strong faith, faith that will lead others to know Jesus, and lead her to do big things for God's kingdom. 
Amirah is the older snuggle bug full of smiles, and just pure cuteness. She loves people and helping. She is the best little helper. She is opinionated, easy going,  and loves to go! Almost everyday she asked if we are going to go bye bye in the car. She likes to be on the go, shopping, playing, or whatever else. She loves to paint her nails, play with big trucks and talk. Her nickname she has picked up from her Nani and Mimi is Ami. Her name Amirah Elise comes from what God spoke to my heart for her when I was pregnant of her being an outspoken daughter of the king, who will be prosperous in all she does. Amirah means outspoken princess and prosperous. Elise means my God is sufficient, which at the time when Amirah was born was exactly what God was teaching us, that He was sufficient for us no matter what. He comes through and His will is best for us. I am always praying that Amirah will be an outspoken woman of God who will love people, and bring people to Jesus because of her love for people and willingness to be outspoken for Him.