Friday, July 17, 2020

Schooling choices, and encouragement for parents.

This crazy year of 2020 I want to empower many of you who are parents. This is a time where families are evaluating what their family needs, what will work best for them, and even maybe who they are as a family.
As most of you know I am a teacher. I have been most of my life, and I taught public school for 6 years, in America. I have taught swim lessons before that, and taught Sunday school forever as well.

I want to empower you the parents, of your children, that you can do it. You can make the decisions that are best for you and your children, you can encourage your children in what you believe is best for them, and your family, and if you choose to you can teach your children.

Online schooling, and homeschooling are not the same thing. As I watch a lot of the world switch to online education I cringed because I could see the wear happening on many families of young children, and even the lack of learning happening. This is not a discredit to teachers, or parents or students, but to the sudden change. I felt for everyone involved, the teachers, and the students and the parents. It was hard for everyone. Now as you head into preparing for the new school year I see parents questioning what education should look like for their children. They don't want to do distance learning again, because it was hard and exhausting, they don't want their children to go to school because they fear it might not be safe, and could also be so hard on their children and teachers. They feel stuck, some are considering homeschooling, but are terrified, they worry they will screw up their children, and their child's education.

As a teacher, an now a homeschool mom/teacher I want to encourage and empower you.

1) Think and pray about what is best for your family. What does your family need to thrive?

2) If you choose to send your kids to school, feel empowered that you are making the right choice for you and your children. They will be ok, and so will you. Your school in your community is going to do the best they can do, because that is what great schools do. They love and care for kids, and they will love and care for yours the best they can. Be ok trusting that. Stay involved and know what is happening.

3) If you choose do online learning/distance learning know that it has to be better than when everyone was thrown into it overnight. Teachers have thought long and hard about how to do this better and well, and you are on all on the same team. You can all do it, and if this fits your family, you can do it! And you will do great. You know some of what you are getting into, and it will be ok. Think of how great it is to be so in touch with what they are learning!

4) If you choose to homeschool, you can do it! You can teacher your kids! This is more about a family culture of learning, and engaging in your world in new ways. It is not the same as online schooling. The beauty of this is you are in control, you control the schedule to fit your family, you go at the pace of your child, and you can learn things they are interested in. It is a lot of work, and there are definitely hard days, and days that fail. But the flexibility to let your kids play, to read an extra book or chapter, to do some online drawing courses on youtube, or build that fort in the backyard, is the gift.

Finally, remember God gave you your kids, He trusted you as their parents, to raise them, teach them, and nurture them. You are your child's first and most important teacher. They are learning from you all day everyday, and will take your cue for whatever educational situation is best for them, and your family. Don't ride the guilt bus stressing over your decisions, and don't make things harder than they have to be. Just like you do with decisions everyday, focus on what you need, your child needs, and what works for your family. All of you. Simplify your life, simplify what is important and needed, and focus on those things.

Whatever you chose for your family will be great. Feel free to message me for ideas, encouragement, and love.

I have resources, and ideas I am happy to share. And happy to listen and love on you in this hard, stressful time!

Monday, February 10, 2020

We did it!

Yesterday marked a milestone for me and the girls. We road the moto (scooter) outside of our neighborhood for the first time since the end of October. It was great too!

Amirah said something so sweet after getting home, (she was very nervous about doing this) she told me that she kind of liked it because she felt like herself. I also noticed everywhere we went she walked a little taller and she was as anxious.

I have thought about that a lot in the last 12 hours. Fears make us be less ourselves. Fears hold us back from who we fully are. There is something about facing fears that changes us, facing an anxiety and it can give us power over other anxieties. Feeling more like ourselves is a wonderful side affect of following Jesus, and obeying the Holy Spirit. I am convinced that yesterday was the right timing to take this big step, and do it, it was the right day for the girls and for me. Especially after Amirah saying she felt more like herself now. Following the Holy Spirit for the right timing, the right words, the right whatever it might be I am learning is a big key in how we raise our kids.

If you have a fear you need to face, do it! If you have a new parenting obstacle pray about it, ask the Holy Spirit to intervene, and to give you wisdom. If you aren't feeling like yourself, ask the Holy Spirit to show you why. God wants you to be fully you, to be all of who He made you to be. Find out what you need to walk in that.

(All this is said with full understanding that there are lots of tools to use for working through these things, and God also gives great wisdom on which tools are best for each person in each situation.)

Sunday, January 12, 2020


I have been contemplating community lately. Usually community forms from like circumstances, like personalities, like proximity....