Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The purpose of this blog!


This is my new blog set up to track with my families new adventures. We are currently building our ministry team as we prepare to move overseas to Cambodia with Engineering Ministries International (eMi). My husband Chris is the a civil engineer and we are excited for him to be able to use his skills set to bring hope to the poor and the needy in South East Asia. However, the girls and I are not engineers and will be walking out our normal day to day life and ministry while living in Cambodia. I am so excited to see all the ways God will use our daily life to glorify Him, just like He has taught me to do here in the states. Living intentionally, to glorify and trust Him holds true regardless of your geographical place. How exciting!

The purpose of this blog is the more day to day of the lessons God is teaching our family and even more specifically me through out our daily lives. I have had an older blog that I began this on, but to make everything more fluid have switch to this website. :) To read my older posts you can click here. Now as a stay at home mom, and soon an overseas missionary I hope to post much more often.

If you are more interested in the project trips Chris will be doing, and the more technical engineering pieces of our personal ministry you can head over to Chris's blog by clicking here.

I hope you can ride along and enjoy the adventure with us.

The focus here is the dwelling, dwelling and living faithfully wherever God plants you, and trusting in Him.

Here is our family:
Me (Kayle), Amirah (2 1/2 years old) Chris, Layla (5 months old) 

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