Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Jesus, loves you, me."

This amazing quote comes from Amirah... She says it all the time.. She tell Layla all the time that "Jesus loves you, Layla." She gets it. At least to the extent a 3 year old can get it. She will sit down and "read" her bible, and it goes like this:

"God made me."
"God love me."
"Jesus love you, me."
"Jesus die."
"Jesus alive! Yay!"

She gets it. This is truly what it is about. God loves us, so He gave us Jesus. Who loves us, so he died for us so we can be with Him. How adorable and awesome is that? This is what our lives are about. This is what our daily mission is about. This is what we are living for. To tell others about Jesus. To tell others the Jesus loves them and wants to be with them.

This is why we are selling and/or packing everything we own and moving around the globe. This is why my kids and I spend so much time talking about and enjoying bible stories, memory verses, and conversations about Jesus and God's word.

As we have been packing and going through our things, I keep thinking about the story in Matthew 19, when Jesus is talking to the rich young ruler. The rich young ruler comes to Jesus and asks what good thing he must do to have eternal life. Jesus tells him to keep the commandments. He replies that he has since he was a child. Jesus then tells him to sell all of his possessions and give to the poor then come follow him. The young ruler walks away sad because has many things. (paraphrased from Matthew 19:16-22) I think the reason this story has by on repeat in my mind and in my heart is because I've never really understood this story, I have always thought, it's just stuff why can't he give it up?

As we are preparing for Cambodia it has amazed me the connection we have with our "stuff", and how many things it takes me several days or more to decide the of fate because of my feelings and connection to that thing. Even things in our house that aren't mine, that belong to Chris or the girls. I want to be sentimental for them, and drag it along with us, even though they don't care. We are living to a small extent this passage of selling/giving away all that we have to go serve ministries who serve the poorest of the poor and bring hope to the hopeless. It is hard, as people we seem to like our stuff. It is also freeing, cleaning is easier the more our house empties out, and the girls are playing with their toys that aren't packed up more than before, and there is an end in sight. He is also moving my security, and comfort from my belongings and my home into a deeper place in Him. A place where I sinking my roots deeper into His word, and into His character. Trusting and relying on God more and more and preparing my heart for His great adventure.

I believe that as we grow in our walks with Christ, and as we draw closer and closer to him the story is replayed over and over in our lives in different ways. Leaving behind that which we value most to follow Him where He is leading. It can be hard, it can hurt, but it is also freeing, refreshing, and can bring such joy.

My prayer for each of you, is that through the hard of whatever you are letting go of to chase after Jesus, you will persevere. You will seek our good Father in heaven to see what He is doing in you, to change you, and make you more like Him.

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