Tuesday, March 6, 2018

We miss you....

Just so you know, we miss you. We miss our friends and family that we have moved away from.. We miss our home church in Durango, and we miss the people we love all over the US. We miss you. Most of all we miss people, our family and friends whom we have history with. Though we are making new friends here, and building history here it isn't quite the same, and when I am feeling homesick it is for those close relationships.

We also miss the mountains and the snow, a dishwasher, a garbage disposal.. but those things are easy. Easy to leave behind, and honestly only missed some of the time. I miss people.

January was a hard month for me. Many people are leaving, moving away or back to the US. There are so many leaving or getting ready to leave, and it is kind of hard. One of the harder parts is knowing as we build relationships that eventually they will move too, or we might move. Choosing to love and connect with people right here, right now, regardless for how long we have with them is hard. It is hard work for my heart to want to open up, and connect with people who are or may be leaving soon. It's hard for me to let my kids do the same. Knowing how sad they will be when people are leaving. It is just hard. Hard remember these these relationships now, no matter how long or short they are, they are worth the investment.

But then I think of all my beloved friends back in US. The people we left. The deep value of those friendships, and the connect we still have. The joy Facebook gives of being able to stay connected a little more easily, and the greater joy that for many of my friends here in Cambodia and all over the world, some day we will be reunited in heaven. Celebrating, and worshiping Jesus altogether. The joy of that is amazing. My dream come true to be with everyone I love worshiping together in heaven. Maybe that's why God sometimes calls us to all different parts of the world, so we will recognize heaven when we are there, so we get a glimpse of the vastness of what He is doing in the Earth, and joy for being altogether.

I don't want to miss out because I decided to disconnect to protect my heart. I want to be someone who dives into relationships, connects, and sobs, weeps when one of us moves away. I want my kids to be the same. Then we get to let Jesus heal the hurt, and be in the mourning with us. I suppose this is true living anywhere in the world, eventually you or people you love move. It just feels farther away when they move a world away.

So if you have wondered if we miss you, we do. If you have wondered if we would have time to talk with you if you called or texted, absolutely. If you have wondered if we would even want to catch up or if Amirah misses your kids, we would love, and she does. :) Scheduling is tricky with the time change. But I want you to know, we miss you.

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