Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Long time no post

I should go through and count how many times I vow to post on here more frequently or regularly... I always want to, but we get busy, or I simply cannot think of things worth posting etc. So I am done making promises that I will post regularly or every week etc. However, I don't want to completely let this fizzle out and end, sooo here is another post! Hopefully more will follow, but no promises.

I find myself sitting in a coffee shop today that I have spent many of my afternoons in the last few summers. It is about two blocks from an amazing summer Khmer program the girls love, and that is too far from home to bring the girls and go home, so I come here or another coffee shop and work on things or study. I also go to my language classes twice a week, and it is a fun change of pace for all 3 of us.

Today when I walked into this coffee shop I was overwhelmed with new emotions attached to this place. It was the first place in the city outside of our home that was kind of my spot. I found it the first try when a friend mentioned it to me, and I was so excited to have found it on my own, and have a safe, cool place to spend my afternoons studying Khmer, and working on things. Then came last summer, when I alternated between here and other places and was studying, and working on homeschool things, as well as English lessons for church. I felt, comforted, relaxed, and nostalgic as I walked in today, ordered in Khmer, sat down, and pulled my computer out. It no longer feels foreign at all but familiar and normal. I remember when I first came to this coffee shop, the relief I would feel that I found it again, and that I could relax, and the anxiousness I would feel when it came time to leave to walk back to the girls school, because everything felt stressful then. Contrasted with today it is just normal. It feels normal. I am not nervous about walking back to the girls' school, or talking with their teacher, this is our life, and I like it.

This reflection as I sat down here today really reflects so much of our lives here in Cambodia now. We have been here two and a half years and so many things that used to be exhausting, that used to be so stressful, and hard, are now normal. They are now how we do things, and I don't question it. It is good to have found a place, a home here, and to be comfortable. Then I stretch in new ways, and grow and become uncomfortable, or change, and that is good too.

My newest idea for this blog is to share about these things that feel so normal now, or don't feel normal but we've adjusted, and give glimpses in new ways into our lives.

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