Saturday, September 14, 2019

Being More You

Recently I have been blown away by how the more we know Jesus, the more we seek and find Him the more us we become. We live in a time and a worldly culture where people are trying to be "their best selves" or "true to their selves" people are trying to find "me time" and employ "self-care". So much of this new fad is good. Even useful and purposeful in our lives. It can also be so selfish, and feed our selfishness that we already have in us. Telling ourselves things like "I deserve this..."

However what I have been learning recently, and leaning into is the truth that we become who we were made to be as we get to know our Creator more. I mean He made you. We become more of us, our real selves as we trust, follow and obey Jesus. If you want to see who you really are follow Jesus. If you want to see the good and the bad of your true character follow Jesus, and walk with people who follow Him also. If you want to be true to your true self, follow Jesus. This is not as glamorous, glorious, or always fun, but I promise you it is more effective for finding your true self. I love how as we follow Him we discover who we are. 

I think this is even true with finding time to do things you love and enjoy, but do them as worship to the Creator who created you to love and enjoy that. Do it as a child enjoying their gifts from their Heavenly Father. Enjoy. Enjoy what He created you to do and to enjoy. As we do these things, as we worship, I have recently noticed how much more us we are. One example is I have recently seen some friends who lead worship and are very skilled at it, begin to let more of themselves, and even their personal culture out as they lead others in worship, and it is so beautiful! They are confident and reflect who God made them to be, by the way they lead others in worship, and if you know them well, you can see how they are just being more them, as they lead worship. They are reflecting the part of God they represent back to God. It is beautiful. 

For me this means I am letting God continue to soften my heart. To love others where they are at, and where I am at. I am letting Him lead me, in His grace and mercy. Taking steps of faith, in the face of fear and discomfort, I want to be fully who He created me to be.

My prayer is to be an encouragement to those around me to be all of who God created each of them to be as well, to embrace it, and run with it. To change into who they were always meant to become. 

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