Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hello 2016.

It is here, 2016 the year of branching out, preparing, and changing. For our family this is the year that we will prepare to take our biggest steps of faith ever and change the way we live, and see the world. God has huge things in store for us and we know it. How exciting!

But first, 2015. 2015 started out so simple for us. Our little family of 3, thinking about a far reaching dream to join Engineering Ministries International overseas in SE Asia, and simply living our life here in Durango. Waiting and trusting God to show us each step that was next. As we took these steps we enjoyed the fruits of trusting God. The year began with Chris's best friend getting married, then his trip to Uganda with eMi, and then the climax of 2015. The greatest thing to have happened in 2015 was on my birthday, April 28th at 1:09pm, little Layla Faith Hardrick was born. She was born in to a room full of joy at her final arrival and we were so happy to have her join our family. :) After she was born we interviewed with eMi in June, and did family trips during the summer. Then came eMi orientation at the end of the summer. Then fall, my first fall since I was 4 years old of not going back to school as a student or a teacher. Enjoying our beautiful, fun, joyful girls! Later came the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's and lots of snow that lead us into 2016. What a fabulous year!! :)

Now here we are in 2016, and we can see some of what this next season holds. A year of "lasts for now" as we soak up the FEET of snow at our house, sledding, fort building, and maybe eventually snowman building. The cold and the joy of winter! Same with a Colorado spring that is quickly approaching and birthdays. It is weird to look at this year and to realize that in a year we will beginning a new chapter of our lives in a new country and a new culture, a new city, basically new everything! This is a year to prepare. To prep our hearts, our minds, to lean into Jesus, and trust more. To seek Him, to see where He is leading, and to continue to take bold steps of faith that we are confident in His leading. We get to live this year in faith not fear. Choosing to trust not to fear, and choose to continue in the obedience of taking each new step of faith as it comes.

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