Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ummm... Where do I start???

So we have been on the move most of August. Even now we are in the middle of being away. I am sitting here in North Carolina at the Center for Intercultural Training, with two more days of classes left. We left Colorado Springs July 30th (for World Staff Conference with EMI), and still have a week more or traveling. God has been doing so much inside our family and me. I have so many things I could share! I will probably post many things about these last 3 weeks in the coming weeks as I have some down time to process them more clearly, and really pray about what God has done and is doing in me. So you can be ready for that! For now here are some highlights so far in our August adventures!

World Staff Conference in Granby, CO (Snow Mountain Ranch) 

Most fun thing: Summer tubing! It was a blast! Oh, and we got to finally meet all the people we are moving to Cambodia with in person!! :)

Hardest thing: Everything was so spread out, and Layla had a hard time with class, but she was so well loved by the childcare people, it was sad to say goodbye to them!

Biggest take away for me: EMI is a great ministry to be a part of. I am so grateful for EMI, the people within EMI, and the heart of EMI. I was continually blown away by how families interacted when they didn't think or know anyone was watching. As well as how families interacted with other families, and the belonging we felt within the EMI family. Just awesome.

(There were also amazing break out sessions, and great worship and main sessions)
Playing mini-golf at the camp!

North Carolina and CIT Second Language Acquisition Training

Most Fun thing: Spending time with Jamie last weekend! Also we have gotten to swim most days after class which has been great family time, and time with other CIT families.
Weekend with Aunt Jamie was so much fun!!
Hardest thing: Wrapping my mind around learning a new language and culture, sitting in class 8:30-3:30 everyday.

Biggest take away for me: (Now we still have two days left so there might be something else later.) I can learn Khmer! God can help me learn Khmer! Learning Khmer will expand part of who I am and expand my perspective of how I see God. The second thing is being in community with people (like at the staff conference) who have laid it all out there for God to show or we are out of luck is amazing.

OK now a story just to brag on God... Our last flight from Denver to here I left my phone on the plane, and didn't realize it until we were at our hotel for the night. I knew exactly where I had left it, in the the seat back pocket in front of my seat! Now my first thought was They never look in there it's gone forever. This sucks! We tried calling the airline to see if someone had seen it or could check on the plane we had just got off of, and the recording said they were closed, which was weird because it was only 4:30 east-coast time. So I decided to see if I could get the free airport shuttle back to the airport, they were happy to take me back, but continually informed me how they couldn't wait for me because who knew how long it might take to get my phone back. I totally understood that I maybe at the airport for hours, what a great way to start our time here. We got to the airport and I ran into the counter for our airline, where you check you bags in. Two guys were there chatting, I explained I had just come in from Atlanta and I had left my phone on the plane, one of the guys jumps up and says, "I have it! It's in the back. I'll go get it!" I was almost in tears! I couldn't believe that anyone even saw it, and then that the guy I walked up to was the person who knew right where it was. So I thanked them for my phone and ran back out to try to catch the shuttle before it left to go back to the airport, and the shuttle driver had decided to stop for a smoke before heading back to the hotel, so she was still there! So cool! I was so grateful, and knew right away that not only was finding my phone all God, but having it only take a 10-15 min trip to the airport to get it back! When does that ever happen with something like that with an airline?? Praise God! I love how he cares about us and the little things in our lives.
Leaving from DIA to North Carolina!

God has blessed us so much during the last three weeks, we have loved watching Him take care of us, and the people around us, we love getting to see all He is doing around the world. We are a little bewildered and in awe that He would chose to use us to further that. What a gracious and mighty God we serve.

Reading in one of the many playrooms here at CIT!
Is there anything cuter than sisters walking hand in hand?

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