Thursday, January 12, 2017

Market Day

So we don't live too far from what is called "The Russian Market". Last weekend we went through it. It was a little overwhelming for only our 2 or 3 day in a big city. People all over, and the aisles are tight, and stuff is everywhere. With the four of us passing through it felt like it would be impossible to shop in there with two little kids. We walked out of there, and I told Chris that it was a little overwhelming and I'd need a map.

Since that day I have ventured out alone, and explored our neighborhood without kids in tow. This helped immensely with my comfort level with where we live, and how to cross the streets. (Which for me at least is basically ignore everything we were taught in American about crossing the street, and just going for it, while watching like a hawk who is and isn't paying attention. And look confident while doing it.) Then a day or two later I ventured out with the girls for our first outing just us ladies. We walked to Joma Cafe. It was great! Girls did well, and we made it!

So today after we finished home school, and cleaning we headed out to the market. I thought if I just went for it and we saw what was there I'd feel less intimidated. You know that whole courage is doing what your afraid of, thing... so in we went! It was great! The girls loved it, and even got free candy from one shopkeeper. :) They were a hit, as they are everywhere we go. And they were dressed in matching shirts which just added to the cuteness. I had 3 things I wanted to look at and possible buy if it was what I liked and could get a good price. We walked out with only one... but still felt like a success! I had started building my mental map of that market and it wasn't as crowded as it was on that Sunday morning when we had wandered through as a family so it was way more navigable as a group of 3.

Then we headed to another cafe Jars of Clay, and enjoyed lunch. After the girls opted to walk back and were ready for nap. So we did that. One of the most fun things of this little outing was that we saw three tuk tuk drivers that we now know, and they were excited to say hi, and see if we remembered them. We are slowing making friends, or acquaintances at least! It made me realize how quickly we are forming a few relationships. We also saw some girls about my girls' ages playing in the street, we went over to say hi, but they got shy and ran inside. Standing out like we do has it's advantages, people see the weird white family that is walking everywhere, with the two blonde girls, and remember us from day to day. Amirah was also walking down the street with me saying Hi and Hello in Khmer to whomever we passed. (So cute) Pray that we will continue to build relationships, and actually become friends with our neighbors, security, house helpers, and tuk tuk drivers. We want to be friends, and have relationships with them, not just see them and wave.

How is Layla getting so big? 
We also have found that our apartment building is full of people from all over the world. That is so cool! I can't help but wonder what God will be up to this year in our neighborhood, and our building.

Amirah and those silly faces!!
After nap we headed out to the Central Market. It's a little bigger, and had more things. We wandered that market as a family and found a few things we needed, and then found dinner and headed home.

Tonight before bed I asked Amirah what her favorite part of today was, and she said shopping. She is adjusting so well to this big city, and new way of life. Tuk tuks are still her favorite and now she is learning to enjoy hunting for the things we need in the markets.

During nap I took time to look through my bible study notes from the last few weeks, and I loved seeing how God has been building my confidence in Him. As I see and understand Him more and more as my and our protector, our good God, who is just, and trustworthy. Our God whom hears us and listens. Our God who rescues and guides. Our God whom I want to know, and make known. The Giver of Life and the only one who can truly keep my family and I safe, and who holds us in the palm of His hand as we seek, and serve Him. Being right where He has called us to be, doing what He has called us to do. Learning what it means to dwell in this new land He has placed us in.

In other news, Chris is thriving at language learning! He is doing so well, and it is so fun to hear and see him excelling already. I am so excited to start my classes in a little less than a week and half. 

Fun part about exploring a new home is trying out the coffee shops. :)


  1. Roots Burgers is in the neighbourhood as well and serves amazing burgers and blueberry smoothies if you are in the mood for that:) I have enjoyed reading about your adventures.

    1. Ooo... we will have to look for that! Haven't seen it yet. :)