Saturday, January 7, 2017

We are at our new home!

Well we made it! Our flight arrive in Phnom Pehn around midnight last night, and got home around 2 am.

Thank you to everyone who prayed us through our flights and trip!! We could definitely feel and see the results of your prayers. We knew God was moving, protecting and help us all the way here. We were given so much grace with timing, bags, and the girls being easy going and laid back.

Our day started Thursday morning at 3 am, in a Colorado snow storm. My dad fearlessly drove us to the airport. Our flight was on time, and thanks to my parents we were able to check in, and get through security with about 10 mins to spare before boarding. Then we landed in San Fransico, and a friend and member of our ministry team met us and helped collect all our baggage and recheck it for the next flight. With out him I don't know how we would of ever made it through San Francisco! Praise God for each of you who are willing and able to help us along the way! We had some hiccups with our bags that could have resulted in paying major bag fees, but then God changed minds and we were able to check some bags for free which lightened our load and solved the problem we had with our bags for the airline. Praise God!

We go through security and kept getting pushed through the priority lane, which was awesome. We got to that gate about 20-30 mins before we started boarding, and were able to get some food! We quickly boarded the plane, and even though we took off with an hour delay, we landed in Seoul 10 mins early! There we moved through security again, and got to our gate just after boarding had began. We boarded and landed in Cambodia just a little behind schedule.

Eating pizza and watching movies! 

We then easily moved through the airport, got visas and collected all our luggage (yes it all made it!!) We had a little issue with the ride we had arranged not showing up, but were able to use taxis and got to our apartment safely and smoothly! We settled in, and got ready for bed, and slept pretty good!

This morning Chris ventured out for breakfast, and returned with iced coffee and mango smoothies. The best! We got some video calls in with family, and shared our apartment and traveling story. A nice relaxing morning for a Saturday.
Layla was up early, while Amirah slept in. Getting into our bins that were zip tied shut was hard without any sharp objects. :) 
Yummy breakfast of rice and pork, with mango smoothies! 

We are mostly unpacked, and this afternoon we are headed out to do shopping for the essentials we weren't able to bring. We are already seeing how God has paved a way for us, and how important our language learning will be. Chris starts on Monday!
View from our apartment! Pray for the people of Cambodia! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying for us!!! We truly felt it while traveling and continue to feel your prayers as we settle in. We are sad to be so far from so many people that we love, but we are happy to have finally hit this milestone of being here and are excited to see all that God does in us, and in those around us. 

Keep us in our prayers as we learn to navigate this new place we now call home.
This time change and jet lag is hard! Layla thought she was done napping and then immediately passed out. :) 


  1. Glad you made it! Praying for you always but especially during the 21-day fast. Love you guys! - Scott

  2. Thank you!!! We feel the prayers and appreciate them so much!

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