Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Middle of day 4 of life in Cambodia

We are in the middle of our fourth day here in Cambodia and it already feels like we have been here longer than 4 days, in a great way! We are settling, getting used to getting around our part of this big city, and the girls are loving tuk tuk rides, and walking places.

So far we have found some good coffee (Joma Cafe), and some not so good. As well as a nearby pharmacy with a super nice lady who is willing to fumble through my lack of Khmer to help me. We have found a kind tuk tuk driver, and Chris is becoming a pro at shopping in the Russian Market. The house helpers provided by our apartment are so sweet, and kind. I am hopeful they will be a big help with my Khmer. We have had some great food, and some ok food, and are slowly finding what we need to set up house. Everyone is so kind, and helpful!

 We have been amazed at the difference it makes knowing we are here for the long haul and not here for a short term trip. This has added confidence, and willingness to make mistakes. It has also pushed us to venture a little more, and explore.

We are already enjoying some of the fun of moving to a new country. Layla has had tummy issues for a little over 24 hours, but she is doing better now. I bet her immune system will adjust the fastest! She still touches and puts many things in her mouth soo.... new germs get in. The rest of us are ok, but we are braced prepped and ready for whatever gets thrown our way. :)

Amirah is loving our new way of doing laundry, which is basically the same, but hanging them out to dry. She thinks it is so fun to help mom with laundry... and they dry super fast! Like 10-30 mins... that's faster than our dryer in the states ever was!

God is so faithful, and in my times in His word this last week, even prior to leaving He keeps reminding me of His good character and His protecting nature. He is our protector, and is here close to us, and guiding our steps.

It is so good to know we are exactly where He wants us to be. :)

So far we are enjoying it here. We know we are still honeymooning... but things are moving rather smoothly. Please continue to pray for us and our language learning! That will help so much with building relationships!

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